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Dental Benefit Plans

During the past decade, dental benefit plans (often referred to as dental insurance) have become an integral part of healthcare planning for many families. These benefit plans are made available to employees or members through companies, unions, and associations, and may vary considerably from one plan to the next.

These plans are benefit plans, not insurance plans. This distinction is important. Dental benefit plans provide prepaid dentistry at a preselected level. Medical insurance usually has no limits (or extremely high limits) with minimal exclusions. Dental benefit plans offer low limits and many exclusions.

At Viera Dental Arts, our recommended dental therapy is based upon your oral health goals, smile goals and our treatment suggestions; not your dental benefit coverage. We do not believe it is in either of our best interests for our office to compromise treatment  or quality of care in order to accommodate a plan’s maximum benefit provision. We want to discuss your treatment plan’s advantages and disadvantages, and make the best decision possible for your dental well-being.

Insurance Accepted

As your partner in health, we want to help you make choices that will permit you to enjoy a high-level of quality care. When you choose quality dental care we believe that includes state of the art technology, a caring well-trained staff, and a safe environment you can trust. This is the foundation of our practice. Unfortunately, some insurance programs limit your choice of doctors to those who operate under a reduced fee, and often prohibit the use of state of the art materials which can limit the level of quality of care.

Our office has elected not to contract with programs to operate under these terms. However, if you are a participant in one of these programs, you can usually still use your dental benefits at our office. Our administrative team is here to work with you and your insurance company.

At Viera Dental Arts, it is our pleasure to process your insurance claim and estimate your deductibles. The estimated amount not covered by your insurance will be your responsibility, and may be paid by one of the options listed. (Estimates are subject to change based on your insurance’s final approval.)

We urge employers to select programs that allow you to use the doctors of your choice. You and only you should have the power to decide who will best help you effectively manage your health.

Viera Dental Arts accepts cash, check, and most major credit cards in addition to offering interest-free payment options through CareCredit. An application for CareCredit can be found at their website.

Viera Dental Arts | Dentist in Melbourne FL -

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